Douglas R. Miles
Phone (360) 335-0951
1122 East Pike Postal Box 975
Seattle WA, 98122

Positions Seeking
Adaptive Ontological Planning Systems for User interactions
Knowledge/Rules Representation
Data Mining - From Generalized Sources (CE-KIF, Text, DAML and RDF)
Computational Linguistics
Computer Inference – First order logic and Statistical
Artificial Intelligence Engineering

Skills and Experience

* OS Simulation requiring high-level heuristics
* Oct 2002 Cycorp Certified Ontological/Knowledge Engineer.
* Implemented a first round IEEE SUO-KIF 
   Inference engine for
* Engineering Mobile Agents in a Cluster 
* Construction from ontological information 
* Creation of cross platform solutions 
* PROLOG – 6+ yrs experience (2 years professional) 
   (B-Prolog, SWI-Prolog, BinProlog, XSB-Prolog)
   Additionally use and maintain David Hovel’s 
    MSR Adaptive Systems and Interaction software (C++/Prolog) 
* Java – 2 years experience (1 year professional)
* C – 6 months experience. Foreign disparate interfaces
* JSP - 2 years experience  (1 year professional)
* OOP – 3 years professional 
* XML - 2 years professional 
* 6809 Assembly Code - 4 years
* ASP/SQL/ODBC/ActiveX/VBScript (over one year each) 
* Visual Basic 3 years professional 
* Skilled but weaker: C++, Scheme, SIOD, LISP, Python and Tk/Tcl 
* Languages Studying: Poplog, Squeak and WAM (Warren Abstract State Machine)

Projects / Employment Contracts

11/2001 to current
Logicmoo Corp

OSS Project Manager (part-time)
Implemented Full first-order logic SOAPD/DAML/XML/RDF theorem prover (CVS)
Interfaced to MSR Virtual Worlds
Social Computing Group (CVS) To create a more robust UI.

04/2002 to current
OpenCyc Developer
OSS Software Developer (part-time)
Implemented Natural Language interface in Prolog, with Prolog API (see CVS)
KIF/Daml Loading support (CVS)
Implemented Java RMI (CVS) for CoABS Girding as well as automatic agent programming
from logical software rules.

11/2000 to 3/2002
Teknowledge Corp 
Knowledge Ontology/Engineering Systems Software Engineer – DARPA/ARDA Projects
No details.

11/99 to 11/2000
Test Software Design Engineer (ASP) (Microsoft Contractor)
 Created new ways to store and retrieve data over the inter/intranet. Full applications utilizing ASP and many forms of and
content delivery. Innovated ActiveX controls used for internal websites. Participate in discussions of DirectX
Test team site scheduling. Visual basic applications and MSSQL/ LDAP integration.
References available upon request

Vast One Enterprises (Network Engineer) 3 yrs
Managed 10 commercial and non-profit domains maintaining a base of 100s users with Email and Websites
Server Setup, DNS, SQL and remote Database Management. NIS, ODBC

Keane Inc - Kirkland WA (1 yr)
Web Integration, ASP Server Programming, HTML Design Web-Response.
Tech Support of Incoming IMU Issues (900 and Standard)

Seattle Metaphysical Library - 1000 East Madison Seattle WA 98122
Volunteer: Content Classifier, CGI, Domain/Email Administration, Scalable Networks (3 yrs)

Book and Bean Internet Café (Aug 97 to Feb 98) - 911 E. Olive Seattle, WA 98122
Duties: NT/UNIX Administrator, CGI Programming

ADEL Medical - Beaverton OR
Duties: Pneumatic/Electro/Mechanical Interface Engineer

Keane Inc (Microsoft Certified Training Center) 
Seattle Central Community College Seattle WA – Advanced Visual Basic, Visual C++ 
James Madison High School Diploma - Portland OR (Sept 84 to June 88)
Mt Hood Community College Gresham OR (Sept 88 , Sept 89)
Skadgit Valley College CNA/CDA  1991 – Medical
14 years of private research in the Artificial Intelligence

RDF Interest group member of W3C (
Past (1998)
AAAI Member
RDFS-Rules and RDFS-Logic Foundational