Integrates a Java MUD with an OpenCyc Server

Mud Server in OpenCyc
OpenCyc server into it's own MUD

Prolog Virtual Worlds
Microsoft Virtual Worlds Client and Prolog engine in Visual Basic

OpenCyc Javashell
Allows CYC to perform/author java code and Introspect on classes

OpenCyc KIF Tools
KIF to CycL Conversions

Worldforge Rules Server
Graphical MUD Server written in Prolog

Atlas Object Editor
Maintain MUD Ontologies from Java Graphical Interface

Freecraft Agents
Hack Starcraft and Warcraft II games into Rule based Agent systems

Natural Language Search Tools
Questions and answers from Wiki

OpenModality Inference Engine
Core Inference tools for many of the projects above

Loebner Prize Winning Chatbot  
Win the Real Loebner Prize by 2005 :)

ActiveX for SWI-Prolog
Written by David Hovel of Microsoft Research.