Player commands from telnet

Builder commands from telnet











Reference an existing Virtual Worlds object

Ask for a New Virtual Worlds object to be created

Ask that that an object be represented in prolog terms

Edit the properties that are privately represented in prolog terms

Save the newly changed term back to live object

Invoke an object using typical data-types

Invoke an object with referenced objects

Invoke an object with prolog object terms

Return objects or data from an invoke with ether a reference or a termed version

Retrieve a list of properties, methods or events from a live object

Read and write to an Event stack of an individual object

Add properties or methods to any object (in Prolog, JScript or VBScript)

Unify a prolog term with Virtual Worlds object reference based on member name or bindings

(soon) Create a proxy interface reference and manipulate directly without the whole object

(soon) Overload any of these methods for future use from prolog

Supported Object types:
        MOO Objects: Pre-existing in Virtual Worlds
        Objects defined in Prolog that have MOO equivalents

        (soonWrapped ActiveX with supported Type Library Declarations

Requirement Libraries:
        MORPHISM.DLL Gives some of the above Abilities
        TLBINF32.DLL Gives MORPHISM interface awareness (Windows System DLL)
        SWIACTX.DLL is needed to access MORPHISM  from SWI (David Hovel)
        PROQUERY.DLL is needed to overload COM Methods with prolog code. (David Hovel)
        VWSYSTEM.DLL/VWMM.DLL Supports dynamic MOO Objects (Microsoft Research)