1122 East Pike PMB 975
Seattle WA, 98122
(206) 325-6652 

Skills and Experience :
* Representation and Simulation requiring High Level Heuristics
* Ontology Deployment: SUMO/DAML/CycL
* Relational Database Inference via Ontological Design
* Engineering Mobile Data-Object Agents in a Cluster Architecture
* Creation of Cross Platform Solutions
* PROLOG - MANY (6-9) yrs (2 years Professional) 
                                      ( B-Prolog, SWI-Prolog, BinProlog, XSBProlog, many more)
* LISP - 3 mos
* Assembly Code (6809+) - 4 yrs
* Java - 1 year Professional
* JSP - 1 year Professional
* OOP - 3 years Professional
* XML - 2 years Professional
* PHP/ASP/SQL/ODBC/ActiveX/ VBScript (over one year each)
* Visual Basic 3 yrs Professional
* C++ debugging / C Programming 
(Including Peripheral Interface Adapter Microprocessor Design)
* Weaker but skilled: - Python/Perl5/TkTcl 
* Languages under Criticism: Mercury, Poplog, Squeak and WAM (Warren Abstract Machine)

Other Skills:
* IIS5.0 Administration (http/vpn/exchange/ras/dhcp/wins/proxy/ICS) NT5/SunOS/UNIX/Linux OS/
* Network Design/Implementation/ TCP/IP Programming,
* Radius / Cisco CBOS / LAN / Dialup / ISDN / axDSL, DNS, Sendmail, Apache/Windows Media Technology.

Professional History: 

Design Software Research Engineer  - Teknowledge Corporation (11/00 to Current)
Prolog Programmer for SUO-KIF/DAML/RDF/XML Implementer 
Creation of  sound Inference Engine towards advancing DARPA HPKB/RKF projects

Visual Software Design Engineer - Microsoft Corporation - (11/99 to 11/00)
Created new ways to store and retrieve data over the [inter|intra]net. Full applications using many forms of content delivery. Working with XML, Active Directory, NTLM and other security schemas. Innovative ActiveX controls for internal websites. Participate in discussions of technology scheduling. 

Network Engineer - Vast One - (3 yrs) 
Managed 10 commercial and non-profit domains maintaining a base of 100 users with Email and Websites
Server Setup, DNS, SQL and remote Database Management. NIS, ODBC 

Interactive Media Support - Keane Inc - (1 yr) 
Microsoft Hardware IMU Support Professional, Web Integration, ASP Server Programming, HTML Design Web-Response, Incoming IMU Issues (900 and Standard) 

Library Science - Seattle Metaphysical Library - (3 yrs) 
Duties: CGI scripting,  Library Content classification, Domain/Email Administration, Scalable Networks 

Pneumatic Circuit Designer - ADEL Medical - (1 yr)
Duties: Pneumatic/Electro/Mechanical Interface Engineer

14 Equivalent years of private Research in the Artificial Intelligence
Keane Inc (Microsoft Certified Training Center) - Windows OS Support Training, IMU Training
Seattle Central Community College Seattle WA - Advanced Visual Basic, Visual C++ 
James Madison High School Diploma - Portland OR (Sept 84 to June 88)
Mt Hood Community College Gresham OR (Sept 88 , Sept 89)
Skadgit Valley College CNA/CDA 1991